Water Enters a Home in Four Main Ways.

  1. Through the Basement Wall.
  2. Through the Natural Seam in the Basement Wall or Foundation.
  3. Through the Basement or Slab Floor.
  4. Moisture and Humidity in the air.

The Stages of Water Damage
EverDry Waterproofing of Cincinnati can fix your basement at any stage of damage. The earlier you are able to catch the problem, and waterproof your basement, the less damage will be done to your foundation and home.

First Stage –
A foundation goes through various stages of cracking. Cracks typically start from the outside and work their way inside. The first stage of cracking is usually just a hairline crack outside and nothing is noticeable on the inside of the basement at this point.

Second Stage –
The second stage is when the crack has worked its way about halfway through the foundation or basement wall. Water may just be inside the hollows of a block wall or be inside the crack of a mortar joint or concrete wall. This second stage is when you begin to notice signs of water such as mold, mildew, peeling paint, white powder, warped paneling, a musty odor, dry rot, rust and/or dampness.

Third Stage –
The third stage is typically when you begin to see cracks or water. You may even begin to notice bugs or rodents in your basement that can enter through the cracks and stay due to a moist, damp environment. In addition to the signs from stage two, you may notice the basement is excessively damp, shows hairline cracks or spots on the walls. You might notice a loss of lime salt (white powder from walls.) Puddles form on the floor. You may see seepage during moderate rain, or basement flooding during torrential rain.

Fourth Stage –
The fourth stage is when the cracks are at an advanced stage. You will notice a lot more water, some mud, more insects, rodents, and some foundation movement, such as bowing walls or buckling floors. In this stage there is visible structural damage, such as corners shifting and cracking or the basement floor dropping.

Waterproof basement

This diagram shows several ways that water can enter your basement.


The team of EverDry men came promptly every day to waterproof basement, were efficient, polite, courteous, and understanding to my needs.  So very much to do with Thanksgiving coming tomorrow and more guests coming. They promised that to be done early and worked over three days instead of four. So glad to have it done before winter.

Thank you very much, A. P.